When the food comes from the heart


TRE Restaurant is one of REACH's social enterprise models, and was supported by Plan International Vietnam, TUI Care, and NEXT Foundation.

TRE Restaurant is one of the most beautiful restaurants in Hue with rustic unique architecture and elaborate attractive dishes. Having an abudant menu, reasonable prices and professional service, TRE Restaurant is looking forward to welcoming and serving you.

TRE Restaurant is a Social enterprise established to support disadvantaged youth to gain vocational training and employment placements. TRE Restaurant is sponsored by non-government organizations such as REACH, Plan, TUI CARE Foundation and the NEXT Foundation.

By using products and services at TRE Restaurant, you are contributing to help the disadvantaged youth in Vietnam.



REACH is a local non-profit organization specializing in vocational training and employment for Vietnam's most disadvantaged youth. Since 2004, REACH has provided training to more than 16,000 youth in Vietnam.

The TRE Restaurant social enterprise is the initiative of the "Brighter future for children and disadvantaged youth in Thua Thien Hue" project, which was created to support REACH's sustainable development strategy. It meets the increasing requirements in the field of training and creating jobs for disadvantaged youth in Hue in particular, and Vietnam in general.

TRE Restaurant operates with a "Training restaurant" model which provides the on-the-job training place for disadvantaged youth in Hue. 100% of the restaurant's profits will be used to support additional trainees to study at REACH.

Welcome to TRE and try traditional Hue & Vietnamese cuisine and support disadvantaged youth in Vietnam. Thank you for your support!

Website: reach.org.vn

0234 3848 457